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That blooming rollercoaster!

What is it about being post menopausal that turns me into a blubbering mess? I thought I was done with the emotional rollercoaster!

After a very early start (3am) and six and a half hours in the car, the Dean family arrived in Cornwall. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, dreaming about walking along the sand, splashing through the waves, and generally chilling out. I took one look into the distance, spotted the waves rolling into shore, and burst into silent tears.

What on Earth…? Since then, I’ve felt close to tears. This is not is normal state for me unless it’s the beginning of the return journey home. I wish I knew what was up? It’s confusing, annoying, and discombobulating! Gah!

I’m off to have a word with myself, and probably a gin.

7 thoughts on “That blooming rollercoaster!”

  1. Maybe some pent up emotions coming out now you have finally got to Cornwall ? Hope the gin helped and the ☀is out xx

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      1. I shall have to try it ..but might be plain old Gordons over here 😉


      2. It’s relatively recently that gin menus have appeared. Usually your choice was Gordon’s or maybe Bombay Sapphire if you were really luck. Now we have walls dedicated to menus and loads of tonic flavours to choose from. Lucky me ☺️


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