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Ah! That’s much better…

As usual, even though I’m on holiday, my day started with a few yoga moves to get me moving, followed by consulting my Angel Oracle cards. As it was Sunday, I did a three card draw to take a look at the week ahead. I usually ask the question ” What’s the underlying principle for this week?”

The card relating to the present was the Ocean. The corresponding explanation goes on to say I am very connected to the ocean and need to spend more time near the sea. I agree. Just as well I am holidaying in a cottage by the sea and have come equipped with wet suit and body board!

Needless to say, I didn’t need much more encouragement to head off to play in the waves. The sea temperature has not warmed up much and I was the only brave soul out in a shortie suit. Everyone else was in full suits, shoes and gloves. That’s the benefit of being an intermittently hot woman. Hot flushes can be so useful, providing my own heating.

As usual, I lost track of time and had to be dragged out to eat lunch. After a post-lunch stroll along the shore, I was back in, this time with a new toy. I got a waterproof GoPro for my birthday and this was the first opportunity I’ve had to test it out. With the camera strapped to one wrist and my body board strapped to my other, I headed off into the waves again. The swell had increased to over 6 feet… way over my head, but I felt exhilarated swimming out over them, catching waves back into shore.

All too soon it was time to head back to the cottage. Not a hardship when you consider the view! The video I captured while boarding was hilarious. A mix of me woohooing or being tumbled off my board.

I wonder if the family would mind moving here?

Happy Monday my lovelies xx

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