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If only I had a camera!

Well I did. Our latest trip to the beach was so much fun with the tide full out. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved exploring the rock pools revealed at low tide. The beach we visit offers both caves and rock pools, only accessible once the tide has receded.

Exploration was further enhanced by the presence of Molly. At 18 months old, she’s now more bold than ever. Her first visit to the caves saw her scrambling over rocks, chasing thrown stones and barking at her own bark echoing in the cave chamber.

Meanwhile, I was busy exploring the nearby rock pools. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted moment in the seaweed, a crab. Armed with my GoPro, I plunged my hand into the pool, gently parted the weed and got a wonderful close-up of Mr Crab having a mid-afternoon morsel. I was captivated by the sight and unaware of my family having exited the caves until Cost Centre 1 (my daughter) dive bombed the rock pool. My peace was shattered.

Ah well. The stroll back to our beach tent involved throwing a tennis ball for Molly to fetch. It stops her from marauding the other defenceless dogs, minding their own business.

I was first back to the tent, Cost Centre 2 (my son) on my heels. He suggested I turn on the camera again and capture hubby, Cost Centre 1 and Molly playing with the ball.

CC1 was holding Molly on her lead and for some unknown reason, hubby threw the ball. Molly launched herself after it with such force, she yanked CC1 clean off her feet. Poor CC1 landed with an inelegant splat, face down in the sand, in clear view of the other beach visitors and the Life Guard look-out post.

CC2, giggling hysterically, said “You’d better have got all that on camera. That would make a brilliant video for “You’ve Been Framed” (UK tv show based on viewers footage). We didn’t find out the results until our return to the cottage and it’s WiFi service.

I have captured every frame! I haven’t decided whether to send it in or not. I may keep it as leverage!

One thing is for sure. I am really enjoying my birthday present.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone xx

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