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When is a weed not a weed?

When it’s a welcome ingredient in a tea or salad.

My lovely daughter bought me a wonderful book on herb cultivation and their uses. The illustrations are so pretty, and the information balanced between magical and health properties.

Armed with long sleeves, super-tough gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs I managed to gather a nice bunch of nettles! The neighbours must think I’m bonkers, but I’m old enough to not worry about such things. I dare say they’ll get used to it.

The leaves are chock full of potassium and iron, perfect for strengthening the blood and fighting off anaemia, while the roots can be boiled and drunk to help with common allergies. I hope it tastes ok because my hay fever is bad today!

Nettle tea is also helpful in regulating blood sugar levels, ideal for helping weight management during menopause.

As a bonus, the flowers seem to be covered in bees and butterflies. I am debating whether to cultivate them on purpose, in a small sport in the garden, but I may have a hard time getting this idea past hubby!

On the magical property side, nettles are used in protection, healing, and curse-breaking. As I’m pretty sure I’m not cursed or sick at the moment (except for menopause) I guess I might make use of the protection side of things. The book has this suggestion for protection.

“Sew a large nettle leaf into your clothing, stinging side facing outwards, to protect yourself.”

I note it doesn’t mention how to sew the leaf without stinging myself! I wonder if a staple gun would work just as well as needle and thread?

Only time will tell if Nettles and I become friends. I may need to experiment with less stingy herbs first… chamomile sounds nice and friendly.

Wishing you all a blessed Tuesday xx

2 thoughts on “When is a weed not a weed?”

  1. I just realised…only 14 years after emigrating..never seen a nettle in Australia ! Plenty of other stinging things though 😉

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