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One-liner Wednesday … Scary Hormones!

“This isn’t life in the fast lane. This is life in the oncoming traffic.” – Sir Terry Pratchett.

I’m pretty sure Sir Terry wasn’t talking about being inside the mind of a menopausal woman, but this quote really resonates with me today. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on all the bloomin’ changes, another one pops up to scare the living daylights out of me!

I could do with a strong dose of Granny Weatherwax grit and bravery and a glass of Nanny Ogg’s famous Scumble (like scrumpy cider, only more deadly!)

This week’s One-liner Wednesday …. Linda G Hill. Pop over for the lowdown on taking part in this mid-week madness.

12 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday … Scary Hormones!”

  1. Sweat it out with exercise 😉 It always worked for me. One day, you’ll wake up as a Post-Menopausal woman and in a strange way, you’ll miss all the moments leading up to it. Treasure every one along the way! Good luck.

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  2. Hormones! It’s not me, it’s my hormones 😂. I try to see the funny side to menopause, there’s definitely something to laugh about every day 😂. One of the positives to meno is a weird sense of humour! Thankfully when our hormones level out again, life returns to normal, whatever normal is 😂


  3. I find the more I think about the symptoms (sweating especially), the more they happen. I don’t know if menopause is a psychosomatic thing for everyone, but the whole “ignore it and it’ll go away” is worth a try. 😛

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    1. My psychologist would agree to some extent… most of my issues have a strong psychological element to them, giving rise to some spectacular physical symptoms. Eye floaters are the latest ones. I’ve had my eyes thoroughly examined. All is well, but when I catch sight of the little blighters I default to panic mode! I really annoy myself sometimes!🤪


      1. Eye floaters. OMG. I have so many now. They start out like dark spots and then fade to a filmy, stringy things. At first I thought something was in my eye and I kept trying to wash it out. I went to two doctors and they seem to think they are not a big deal.Thankfully my brain is able to work around them somehow so I can see.

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      2. That’s exactly what I have… stringy bits included. Apparently it’s quite common during menopause! Who knew? Not me! I asked my mum and she said … oh yes. I have hem too. Eventually your brain learns to filter them out! Thanks for the heads-up mother!🤪

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