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Travelling again!

There be dragons here!

Goodness me! I’m lucky if I travel once a year for business, but twice in 4 weeks is a record. My suitcase packing looks like I’m head off of holiday. I must remember this is business.

Munich beckons, with its beautiful beer gardens and spectacular architecture (c’mon Cath… keep business head on!). By the looks of the forecast, it’s going to be a hot one. For a change, I am not staying in a hotel. This time I’m booked into an apartment within walking distance of my head office (and a few Bavarian restaurants).

I am going to have to use my rusty German language skills if I want to eat breakfast this week. It will be fun, a cultural adventure. I have a shopping list ready for the week and also to bring some delicacies home with me. Weiß Wurst, Senf, and Obatzda.

I may not have the time to post this week due to work and cultural engagements but I’ll have plenty to write about once I’m home again.

In the meantime, auf weidersehen!

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