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Footloose and fancy-free!


That’s hubby and me this weekend. Cost Center 1 is away on holiday this week and Cost Center 2 has unexpectedly gone camping with friends for the weekend.

I feel like a teenager again… one that’s been left in charge of the house for the weekend while the parents have some time to themselves! The scope for mischief is huge, especially as the weather continues to be so warm.

What to do?

Set up the sun deck lounge furniture and stay out until dark? That’s at least nearly 11pm in my little part of the world.

Open some bubbly and celebrate having the house to ourselves?

Skinny dip in the hot tub? There’s nobody nearby to scare the living daylights out of.

Get up late and go out for breakfast tomorrow?

The possibilities are endless. If I don’t join in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday tomorrow it’s because I am too busy being a rebel with hubby.

Wishing you all a fab weekend xx

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