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One-liner Wednesday – I know!

“I’m not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde

I had one of ‘those’ conversations with my son the other day…

Me: “So, you’ve been back from travelling for nearly 2 months now. You could do with finding a job.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “How’s your CV looking?”

CC2: “Good and up to date.”

Me: “Cool. You kinda need to send it out with a covering letter if you want to land a job… or you could hand it out in person.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “It also means getting up, dressed, and, heaven forbid, actually going outside to hunt down that job.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “For someone who “knows” so much, not a lot seems to be happening yet.”

CC2: “I know.”

Me: “I see where this is going…” (wanders downstairs, logs into the router, disables access to all CC2 devices)

CC2: “Mum… the internet has gone again!”

Me: “I know”

This week’s slightly late one-liner Wednesday was brought to you by a fed-up mum! Oh and a weekly prompt from Linda G Hill. For full guidelines on participation, pop over to her blog.


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