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SoCS – Summer holiday shopping

Mr D and I are heading for exotic climes later this summer in celebration of his 50th birthday. The last time we travelled far afield it was October (2 years ago, for my big 50!). 0It was fun shopping for suitable clothing and swimwear when the shops were gearing up for Halloween and Christmas!

This time I’m shopping now. I need bikinis and they must not leave me unsupported. I’m no supermodel but my ‘girls’ do require decent upholstery. Suppliers are not hard to find but these ‘little bits of nothingness’ cost a small fortune!

I suppose I could try cheaper on-line brands, however they might not live up to the advertising superhype.

What a dilemma? I shall think about my options whilst supine, on the sun deck.

Have a super Saturday everyone xx

This week’s SoCS prompt challenged us to use ‘sup’…. so I tried to get ias many as possible.

Thank you Linda G Hill.

4 thoughts on “SoCS – Summer holiday shopping”

  1. Shopping for swimsuits is no joke. Gotta admit it kills me hubby can just grab a design he likes because basically they’re waterproof shorts while I’ve got so much more to figure out! 😳


  2. I completely understand about the need for support. Last fall, I went to a bra shop that had swimwear on sale. It was still expensive, but now I have a swimsuit top with appropriate support for special occasions. Have fun!

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