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One-liner Wednesday – out of darkness, into light

Faith, it’s said, can move mountains. – Matthew 17:20

After yesterday’s miraculous rescue of the Thai boys and their coach, it can also achieve the seemingly impossible.

How wonderful to see what we humans can achieve when we work in synergy, becoming greater than the sum of the individual parts we play.

It moved me to tears of joy when the last rescuer was safely out of the caves. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Saman Gunan. The death of such a skilled diver made the rescue seem all the more impossible, and yet, here we are today, celebrating success.

If I write much more in this topic I’ll be awash in mascara-streaked tears again.

Wishing you all a blessed Wednesday xx

This emotional post is part of Linda G Hill’s weekly One-liner Wednesday challenge. Pop over, read the guidelines and join in the fun.


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