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Mmmm. Tasty!


It’s official. My pup is weird!

I feed her top quality dog food and training treats and yet she seems to prefer crap. Yesterday she was in full on scavenge mode. Whilst I have a cast-iron stomach for the gruesome, I was pushed to the limit of endurance on yesterday’s walk.

Within seconds of being released from her lead, she was off like a shot, nose to the ground, tail wagging. Minutes later she strolled back, grinning (a cool trick of hers) and jaws occupied. Her revolting haul included a decaying rabbit, some dried cow poop, and flattened mouse. Removing each vile find from her vice-like grip took every bit of nerve I had.


Needless to say, I was not at home to Mrs LickMumsLegs or, even worse, Mrs GiveMumaCheekyFaceLick! Well not until I’d seen pup drink plenty of water. I was sorely tempted to rinse out her mouth with the garden hose!

By the evening my stomach had recovered its composure. Since the hot tub installation back in May, we usually end the day with a bit of a soak and a good chat… and it was while floating around that I told Mr D about pup’s revolting tastes. He laughed and pointed out that her revolting tastes seemed to include ‘human consommé!’

The little furry blighter had sneaked up the steps and was sampling the water!

Instead of telling her off, Mr D snapped this photo. Mind you, one look from me was enough to send her off to her bed. I do good “bad pup” stares. It’s quite similar to the “naughty child… time out!” stare. I’ve even been known to deploy “the look” at inconsiderate drivers.

I’m pleased to say today’s walk went off without an iota of yuk.

Long may it continue.

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx

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