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End of the working week rituals

In the Dean household we are fortunate that both Mr D and I work from home most of the time. Friday is particularly special as neither of us has to commute home. Over the years we have developed a Friday ritual to slide gently into weekend mode.

1. A tasty curry is loaded into the oven and set to auto cook.

2. Tonic and fruit supplies are checked and amended as needed

3. Gin stocks are checked and loaded into the fridge

4. 4:55 – gin and tonic preparation begins. Beers loaded into the cool box.

5. 5pm on the dot… cheers

…. and so the weekend begins.

What’s your way of celebrating the end of the working week?

Happy Friday everyone

Cath (GnT in hand, weekend mode fully launched)

6 thoughts on “End of the working week rituals”

  1. Very similar but Saturday night for us as I am still on gymnastics duty Friday. So as I type and you may well be having a morning cuppa in that wonderful summer…in NSW it was dark at 5.30pm, Shiraz was poured for both and Thai takeaway on it`s way as we wrap up warm 🙂


    1. Ordinarily you would be right about the morning cuppa, but today I’m on the train to Edinburgh to see my sis on her birthday. Hoping to indulging some lunchtime bubbly to kick start the celebrations 🍾🍾🍾

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