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Regaining some balance

Over the past two weeks I have had the privilege and joy to celebrate several family occasions; my own wedding anniversary, my sister’s birthday, and yesterday was my firstborn’s graduation day.

That’s a heck of a lot of celebrating, not to mention travelling. I enjoyed the peace and company of of just Mr D and I for our anniversary. I enjoyed the journey to Edinburgh and back, the look of shock and surprise on my sister’s face when she unwrapped her gifts (it was good kind of shock), and watching my kids and their cousins pick up their relationship where the left off since we last got together.

This week Mr D and I have hosted both sets of parents, as well as our kids’ partners. Military precision planning was needed to feed and transport everyone. At one point I did feel as if I was herding ducks! No sooner had I got the parents where they needed to be, one of them would randomly disappear without saying a word. Not ideal when we needed everyone together for official photographs! One went off to look at some exhibition while another was bending the ear of a nearby lecturer.

All my timings were based around allowing for herding. My nerves were frayed by the time the ceremony started. They continued to fray as we headed to our evening venue for a celebratory meal. My mother is officially the world’s slowest eater. It was painful to watch as each mouthful headed towards its destination, only to head back to the plate as she kept talking. Subtle reminders along the lines of “The next sitting will be due to be seated in x minutes” fell on deaf ears. In my head I was screaming “For the love of God, woman, just put the food in your mouth and stop talking!”.

Aaaaand breathe.

My daughter seemed to have a fabulous day from start to finish. The poor soul burst into tears midway through dinner, not because her gran was bending her ear on some random subject, but because it had just dawned on her that University life was over and she’d not see some of her friends again. I think the response to my Facebook post earlier in the day showed her that good friends do not disappear. The number of ‘likes’ from my university friends and friends from previous employments went some way to reassuring her that this is not the end, it’s the start of something new.

Today is the first day of what passes for normality in the Dean household. Both sets of parents are on their way home. My son and his girlfriend are off to house-sit for a friend. The party is over. The house is empty.

Boy am I tired and feeling very emotional. Music in the radio can set off floods of tears as can looking though yesterday’s photos. I guess I’m coming down from an epic high… ah well. Time to regain some balance.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday Eve!

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