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Nothing is impossible in our all-powerful minds

How interesting that the universe chose this song to wake me up this morning.

And then, waiting for me in my inbox, was an invite to watch some presentations on the Hay House Heal Summit… Dr Joe Dispenza’s Programming your mind for remarkable recovery. Out of curiosity I listened to the presentation. How amazing to hear his story about how he harnessed the power of his own mind to repair significant spinal damage following a terrible road traffic accident.

Defying modern Western medical perceptions, he repaired the damage to his spine by focussing on visualising being healed already and activating his own healing powers amongst other strategies.

It got me thinking about how my own husband is so successful at his job. When I listen to him talking, he describes future events as if they have already happened. Without knowing it, he uses strong visualisation to get what he needs to make things work for him.

I’m going to employ his strategies to help with post-menopause stuff. I described what I had in mind to him and he called it “hippy bollocks!” but to go with whatever makes me happy. He makes me laugh with his description of my practices but he is so supportive. I amuse him most of the time, which is better than pissing him off or having him mock me without humour.

So tonight, me and my hippy bollocks are sorting out some epic hot flushes, wonky shoulder joints, and recurring plantar fascia!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Happy Friday my lovelies xxx

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