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Playing a new game…

… well actually it’s not that new. The game I’m playing is Whack-a-Mole! My mallet is a combination of herbs and vitamins and the moles are new and weird menopause symptoms.

No sooner do I have one whacked into submission when two or three more pop up, intermittently, chuckling evilly at my attempts to flatten them. The intermittent ones are the worst. They pretend they’ve been hammered, only to turn up again when you least expect it.

My doc must think I’ve lost the plot even though he said I should call or make an appointment if ever I’m worried about something. I could employ him full time and his work would never be done! And I’m just one person. From my research on various menopause forums I know there’s a whole generation of women out there desperately seeking reassurance and knowledge.

We need classes in our early 40s, classes like we had for personal health (at school) or pregnancy and childbirth. We could do with a menopause doula, a meno-buddy, as we journey towards the big M, as well as afterwards.

We’d also need to be sponsored by Prosecco and/or gin.

I’m on my soapbox today so watch out world, I’m channeling one of the seven dwarves of menopause:







No prizes for guessing which one I’m channeling today!

Oh wait…. I forgot one, Forgetful.

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx

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