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Magic Monday

The weekend was epic! Mr D and I were poetry in motion as we worked together to create new foundations for the deck joists to fit on top. Drilling, screwdriving, sawing, levelling, concreting. You name it, we did it. I can now see what the finished product will look like. Pretty much what I had in mind. I guess we were fortunate to start our new project in alignment with the new moon. Very auspicious indeed.

To ensure no more damage happens to any more plants and trees I concocted a protection spell.

Into a clean tin or jar add a teaspoon of whole grain mustard, some rose thorns and some nettles, the stingier the better. As you add the ingredients and close the lid set your intentions. In my case, as I was setting this up for my garden, I used the following –

‘I ask for protection for all my garden, not just this spot. Mustard seed do your deed.’

The jar is now buried under the new deck extension, right on the border with our chainsaw-happy neighbours.

Now to find a good spell to encourage the new plants grow strong and quick!

Wishing you all a magical Monday xx

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