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One-liner Wednesday – you’re never too old!

Rowing on kayak down the river on sunset

It turns out, based on my research (test subjects Mr D and me), that you’re never too old to try out new things, but you can been too young (stubborn) to learn them.

A couple of years ago we bought a kayak. It’s taken until this weekend for conditions and opportunity to be in perfect alignment to try it out. We put Miss D and her boyfriend in first while we walked along the canal bank with pup. After half an hour it became apparent that while we were well ahead on the walk, the youngsters lagged far behind. Surely it should have been the other way around. After all, they have youth and strength on their side.


They also have stubbornness and an inability to work together messing things up! Miss D (note, she is no longer Cost Center 1) is quite good with a paddle, but her boyfriend couldn’t paddle in a straight line if his life depended on it. It didn’t end well. She made him get out and sit in the front while she steered from behind. As they appeared round the corner I could see a dark cloud of bad mood hanging over them.

We swapped over. Miss D and the hapless youth walking the dog while we took our turn to enjoy the new toy.

The mood did not lift as we launched off, paddles working in perfect unison, kayak zooming along in a straight line!

Yes! We mature chaps can still learn new skills!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday xx

This week’s one-liner (well, almost one-liner) is prompted, as usual, by the lovely Linda G Hill.

Here are her guidelines to taking part in this midweek madness…

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5. Have fun!


9 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – you’re never too old!”

    1. Miss D’s take on the whole thing is to make sure she is in the rear seat or to send the dear boy out with Mr D for some man to man tuition on how to paddle a kayak and keep Miss D from threatening to remove his head with her paddle 😀

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  1. We got a used tandem kayak which has been sitting in the yard for months due to a leak, and life, etc. Someone told me they are called, “divorce kayaks” but I disagree. Once we learned to communicate and work as a team, the paddling in unison was like a sweet dance on the water. Enjoy!


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