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When the end result is better than you imagined

As you lucky regular readers know, Mr D and I had to do a rapid rethink of our back garden following an overzealous removal of hedging trees… my beloved haven, the sun deck, was no longer positioned nicely.

This weekend, following last weekends ground work, we sawed, drilled, shovelled, and repaired. The new plum slate planting area looks magnificent, just in need of a few plants to finish it. The extension to the deck is done. Mr D and I worked in perfect unison. He drilled the pilot holes and I followed up with the decking screws and a power driver! All the planks are laid. Even the edge planks are in position with little blue LED lights inserted flush to the surface.

Fortunately for Mr D, I’m a total wiz with electrics, and soon had everything connected, tested, and plugged into the timer switch. As 9pm arrived I was quietly impressed with myself when everything popped into life.

It’s a far cry from a few weeks ago when I told you all about my heartbreak.

As a finishing touch, I’m going to buy Mr D a steamer deckchair for his birthday, and woe betide the pup if she thinks about making it hers!!

Wishing you all a blessed Monday xx

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