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SoCS – paying attention… or not

I guess I’m being reminded to stay in the moment and pay attention to what’s going on in my life. Not only is Linda’s weekly prompt the word “notice”, this morning’s Angel Oracle Card was “Notice the Signs”. Okey dokey!

So what have I noticed? Well to start with, I’ve noticed that our house martins have left to make their way south again.

The nights are noticeably drawing in which means I can light candles earlier and enjoy them.

The UK heatwave is at an end. The torrential downpour and hail storm this morning was autumn giving notice of its imminent arrival.

With a bit of luck, there will be an absence of diversion notices in our nearby town, signalling the end of roadworks and a return to normality. Although judging by the gridlocked conditions I’d say this is unlikely.

This complete load of nonsense was prompted by Linda G Hill’s weekly fun. Pop over to her site for the low down on how to take part.

3 thoughts on “SoCS – paying attention… or not”

  1. I notice your SoCS was spot on, well done. BUT the heatwave just waved and is on its way back as far as the gardening programme said. Who knows birds may be confused and return to lay another clutch and the fern like stuff replacing my once green lawn may wither and die. Happy Bank Holiday.

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