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Mission complete!

I’m pleased to report that after a few weekends of concentrated effort, our lovely back garden has been returned to it haven-like state.

I’m now more familiar with power tools than I ever intended so there’s no escape for me when Mr D comes up with next year’s plans to renew some fencing panels! That said, I’ve very please with my power-tool prowess. I’m now an expert on lining up fence posts, leveling them, and fixing trellis panels to them!

The job of laying in some galavanised tin edging strip fell almost entirely to Mr D. I made the initial cuts into the turf and he had to follow up with a long-bladed spade and a balletic jump into said spade in order for the strip to slide into place before being whacked down the last inch or so to make it level with the grass. The idea is to keep the plum slate chippings separate from the grass to make trimming the edges much easier. We may need to reinforce this concept with the pup. She sees her role as the random slate chip dispenser! If only we could train her to move the contents of the bulk bag to the new flower borders!

The final touches are down to me. I was going to plant up my new evergreen climbers but after working solidly all weekend, I ran out of energy. Well, if you must know, the call of an ice-cold beer was louder than the call of the planting spade! After I sat down to do some visual gardening (a.k.a sit back and admire handiwork whilst slaking thirst with the aforementioned beer) I found that further exertion was impossible. With barely enough energy in the tanks to shower and change, I made it into the jacuzzi and didn’t move for another hour. Well, these visual gardening sessions take time.

The climbers are relaxing in my greenhouse until I muster up the necessary drive to plant them, or they crowd out the greenhouse and I have to hack my way in!

Wishing you all a marvellous Monday.

Cath xx

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