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#SoCS…. aargh no! Get out of my head!

So Linda’s writing prompt popped up on my reader feed and I laughed. Not because the topic “earworm” is hilarious, but because I was already in the grip of one.

Usually I develop earworms from singing along to the radio (how retro) or from a good movie sound track. However, todays earworm was passed on to me, like a Chinese whisper.

There I was, midway through a training run (my fun run race is in two weeks, eeeek!) when another runner approached from the opposite direction. Being the sociable runner I am I said “Hi”. He blanked me. How rude! And then I spotted his earbuds. Aha. He’s listening to music. As he got closer I realised he was singing along. I wondered what he was listening to. And that, dear readers, is when I caught it.

He was only singing the blooming “baby shark” song.

What the actual heck?!! Some playlist!

As we passed each other I swear that bloody song jumped into my ears and it’s been there ever since. I know what I need to do to get rid of it but am afraid I might make it worse by doing the actions!

Anyhoo…. here’s what’s stuck in my head… sorry.

Baby Shark Song

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