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We have lift-off!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

At long last I have finally put pen to paper, or to be more precise, downloaded a writing app, bought a keyboard for my iPad and started writing! Thank you to you lovely readers for the encouragement. My family agrees this is a great project for me too. So far so good.

The practicalities are somewhat more testing than I imagined, even for a world-class procrastinator. I thought it would be me getting in the way of myself, but not always. The setting up of the keyboard seems to signal to the pup that it’s time to pester Mum.

There I am, setting up my little area on the breakfast bar, settling down to get my ideas out of my head and into the app when two front paws and a wet nose land on me! She’s no light-weight either. So I cave in and get her a chew to keep her quiet.

Settling down again, fingers hovering over the keyboard, I get the first sentence typed when Mr D sidles into view. I can tell what one of the words will be before he opens his mouth. Whatever he’s about to ask, it will be preceded by the words ‘but’ and ‘just’. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, this is how it goes –

“I know your busy but could you just…?

At this rate it’s going to be a very long project!

Wishing you all a fab Tuesday xx

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