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#SoCS -Passing the finishing post!

Woman crossing the finish line

Tomorrow I know I will not be first past the finishing post, and I’m fine with that. I’m running a 5K race to raised funds for Cancer Research here in the UK. Over the past 8 weeks my village has been entertained by me, dressed in bright pink (the colour of the charity), speedwalking, jogging, running, sweating, waving to passing cars, and admiring the gardens, as I gradually increased my distance and time. I looked like a liquorice allsort in trainers!.

I’m not racing against anyone else, I’m too postmenopausal for that nonsense. Nor am I racing against my current personal best. I’m running in memory of Mr D’s Aunty Helen who died last year from cancer. I also run just because I can. I have the joy of health and improved fitness. Mr D has noticed an improvement in the tone of my posterior!

I imagine that by the time I reach the 4K marker the most important thing on my mind will be the postrun celebrations. I hope the finishers goodie bag has some lovely treats inside. I bet they won’t contain a ready mixed Gin and Tonic. I’ll make one in case. If I’m clever, I’ll be able to disguise it as fruit-infused postexercise rehydration!

This is my last #SoCS post for three weeks. If you would like to fill in for me while I’m off sunning myself, click here.

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