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Getting back in the saddle…

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Why is it so hard to get back into writing after a break? It’s not as if nothing noteworthy happened. Far from it. Mr D and I had the time of our lives on our Egyptian Adventure. There wasn’t a day went by when I didn’t write in my journal and yet, once home, I can’t seem to get back in the groove and write up some of the funnier bits for you.

I find all sorts of things to do aside from my paid job. Suddenly that irritating mark on the carpet that appeared while we were away, seems more urgent to attend to. I’ve had this empty page open since 8:00am and now it’s 11:30! Well at least the stain (of unknown origin) is no more and tonight’s meal is simmering away in the slow cooker now that I’ve remembered to switch the power on at the socket!


That’s a great word to sum up how I feel. I’d love to be exploring more temples, coming up with new strategies to deal with the street sellers, or snorkelling with the entire cast of Finding Nemo. Maybe this is the crux of the matter. It’s post-holiday blues, where real life is just a little too ordinary when compared to the past two weeks. Mr D and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together just being us.

Right Cath, get a grip and saddle up! Enjoy the memories but keep an eye to the far horizon and the next adventure.

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