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Spooky? Coincidence? Intuition?

As I write, I am still totally freaked out at the events of the past 24 hours. So here’s the rundown on what has rattled me.

Yesterday afternoon I heard a song on the radio that made me think of an old flame, my first love. We last saw each other over 30 years ago. I wondered how he was getting on in life, the usual musing on blasts from the past. Using the usual search tools and social media platforms to track him down I uncovered absolutely nothing. Not even a photo. There are very few people who have such a small on-line presence. Even Mr D, hater of all things social media-orientated, has a bigger presence. In the end I lost about 2 hours in this fruitless search before throwing in the towel.

This morning, as I was engrossed in work, a message came in from one of my sister’s friends. Odd… I don’t normally get messages from her so I opened it straight away. An old school friend was trying to find me and had written a post on our high school former pupils Facebook page. As I wasn’t a member I didn’t see it but she did. The gist of the post was to ask if anyone knew how to contact me as a mutual friend from school days was seriously ill and wanted to get in touch.

My bat-sense went into red alert as I messaged him back. After a couple of exchanges it became clear that I was the person he was looking for and he had some sad news. Our mutual friend and my first love is dying and has months left to live! Thank God I’m made of strong stuff! I am awash with mixed emotions.

Was it shear coincidence that I heard that song yesterday?

Was my intuition trying to tell me something as I tried to find him on line.

As an apprentice crone I feel I’m way out of my depth here. In the meantime I have written to both guys, one to thank him for tracking me down, and the other to make first contact.

Wishing you all a fun Thursday.

Cath xx

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