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One-liner Wednesday… Pooh Sticks and life

Pup and I played Poohsticks on our walk today and it quickly turned into a mini life lesson.

My first stick entered the water but got stuck in an eddy, going nowhere even though it was in the stream. I feel like this sometimes.

My second stick went further but got tangled up in the weeds at the side. Still in the stream but unable to move forwards. My paid job can feel like the weeds to me.

Would the third stick be the charm? Nearly. It landed in the stream, not tangled or stuck going round in circles, but not going particularly fast.

And then it got a helping paw… pup gave it a good nudge and it was soon floating merrily along.

Sometimes we all need a nudge from unexpected helpers.

Today’s midweek thoughts are prompted by Linda G Hill’s weekly one-liner Wednesday prompt. Click here for the rules of engagement and enjoy!

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