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Egyptian aventure – pt 5

The temple of the Crocodile God – Kom Ombo

Ah… an evening temple tour for a change. I thought the temperature would be more managable but I hadn’t factored in the temple stonework and its ability to act like a storage heater! You had to be careful where you parked your butt and where you stepped. Thank goodness for my mobile phone torch. The walkways are uneven so you need to pay attention and not try to walk and take photos at the same time – sprained ankles await you if you try this.

Visiting this temple at night, with its eerie lighting almost beat visiting Karnak. The carvings show up so differently when lit from below. Apparently saying “Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo” is the same as saying “hanky-panky”… every day is a school day!

Once back on board, the ship set sail for its next destination, Aswan. After dinner our table of tour team mates made its usual way up to the sun deck to carry out quality control on the all-inclusive drinks offerings. As we chilled and chatted about the day’s events and speculated on tomorrow’s visits, two couples made their unsteady way to nearby tables. Each of them were in their early Seventies and one chap had to be helped to his chair by two crew members. At first I thought the heat had got to him but then I realised he’d been fine and sprighly earlier on so why the sudden lack of coordination?

Turns out all four of them were absolutely pissed as farts! Nasty farts too. The young bartender was not willing to supply the most sozzled one with more booze, fearing for his safety. Nasy old fart was having none of it and demanded to see the manager. The poor bartender was overruled and more booze flowed in their direction. However Mr Nasty was so drunk he couldn’t bring the glass to his own lips and spilled the contents down himself. Pitiful!

Taking ourselves off to our cabins, we settled in for an early night knowing that once again we would be up at the crack of dawn!

Tune in tomorrow to find our about our visit to the quarry of the unfinished obelisk, the upper and lower dams, an essential oil producer and a papyrus workshop.

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