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#SoCS – Food, glorious food!

Hopefully all my lovely friends from across the pond, have had time to digest their amazing Thanksgiving food, and that none of them suffered indigestion.

Next week, the 30th to be precise, it’s St Andrew’s Day, the patron saint of Scotland. As per Burns Suppers, we Scots will be tucking into platters of freshly caught Haggis (likely to cause indigestion!), accompanied by neeps and tatties, all washed down with a dram or two (or maybe more) of a fine malt whisky (note spelling… no ‘e’ in Scottish whisky). One piece of advice, keep some antacids to hand. Oh an don’t look up the recipe for Haggis if you’re of a delicate nature. Sorry, that’s two pieces of advice…

Slànte mhath (good health)

Linda’s weekly Saturday prompt word was digest. Mmmm foooooood!

3 thoughts on “#SoCS – Food, glorious food!”

  1. I’m not going to look up Haggis. I can’t remember a few years ago, my pastor told us a story about him traveling through Europe and he had to eat that. I honestly think I have blocked out exactly what it was, because it was probably so revolting to me. I just remember his face as he was describing what it was like to swallow it. Best of luck to you!


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