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One-liner Wednesday -blessings in disguise

It is said that when one door closes, another door opens.

I’m hoping the new door is a great one for Mr D. Being made redundant is never a nice thing even if you are half expecting/wanting it.

I have to admire the company owners. I didn’t think they could sink much lower with their poor interpersonal skills but they exceeded my expectations, doing the deed by Skype and just before Christmas.

With a bit of luck, Karma will let Mr D watch what happens after he goes.

Today’s midweek one-liner/mini-rant is brought to you by Linda G Hill’s Wednesday Prompt. Pop on over here for the low-down on how to take part.


11 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday -blessings in disguise”

    1. It’s amazing how badly the business owners have behaved. Just when you think they could sink no lower, they go and reset the benchmark in poor people management. Mr D will be fine. Something always turns up for him😉

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