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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

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What helps you be jolly during the festive season? Without sounding like my jolliness revolves around alcohol here are my favourite drinkies in no particular order except this is how they come to mind:

  • Clementine and cranberry Bucks Fizz (Christmas breakfasts are not complete without a glass or two of this. Note two fruits! So really it’s a health drink)
  • Gingerbread latte (those ‘Red Cups’ always signal the start of the season for me)
  • Mulled wine (great on long, cold walks)
  • Hot chocolate with a wee nip of brandy (so naughty and practically undetectable to the outside world)
  • Babycham (how very retro)-  can be mixed with cider for the ultimate wobbly-kneed experience
  • Snowballs (Advocat and lemonade) – my Granny used to give this to me as a special treat at Christmas
  • Sherry  (naturally I have to quality-check the ingredients for my trifle)
  • Bubbly – celebrations are not complete unless there’s some Prosecco or Champagne on the go

Not making my list is Eggnog. I love the sound of it, reading the ingredient list, but the reality, for me, just doesn’t do it. Probably just as well seeing as I have an egg sensitivity (yolk and white).

What festive potions make it onto your drinks list?

Wishing you all a fun Friday xx

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