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#JusJoJan – What was I thinking when I started blogging?!

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Linda’s prompt for today is a biggie, and timely too. I spent most of yesterday trying to separate my blog posts by category… unsuccessfully. However, thanks to Linda and Dan for their helpful suggestions, I have a cunnning plan to test out today. It’s also time for a new theme! Bear with me as I muck around with the look and layouts over the next few days.

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 3rd, is your blog. Why did you start blogging? How did you come up with your theme, if you have one? How has it changed your life? Tell us about your blog in your jot! Enjoy!”

1. Having trawled the internet for practical help and guidance on what to expect during the biggest change in life since puberty, I was shocked at the lack of information and education out there. I wanted to share some of my weirdest experiences in the hope that it might help other women to not feel so alone, afraid of their own bodies.

I’ve pretty much gone completely off-piste and posted ‘random witterings’, hence the urge to set up a separate section for menopause posts and a separate section for my witterings.

2. Theme prompted by lack of education for women going through the menopause. We have personal health education during our school years. If we are lucky enough to become pregnant, we are awash with prenatal classes and postnatal care. And then it stops. Given that menopause is the biggest change women go through since puberty, it is shocking just how little help we (and our families and employers) get to manage it.

The physical theme for my site was chosen from WP themes. I wanted a clean look with colours I like to look at. At work I am constrained by our corporate identity. Having my own site lets me indulge my own likes. Mine has been the same since it was set up so today I will be creating a new theme.

3. Blogging makes me pay more attention to the world around me, the seen and unseen. Virtually every walk I have with my pup produces some idea for a post or two. As a bonus I get to interact with bloggers from all walks of life and geographical locations.

So there you have it.

Wishing you all a fab Thursday xx


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