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#SoCS and #JusJoJan – Twelfth Night Traditions

So here’s Linda’s challenge for today –

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.” Use one or all of these words or find a word that contains them, but most of all, have fun!”

Okey-dokey! Challenge accepted!

The first thing that popped into my head when trying to think of a word containing ‘sap’ was Sapient Pearwood, the wood used to make a magical piece of luggage for Twoflower, then Rincewind, in the Discworld books.

From there my mind moved to trees in general and our front garden trees in particular. With it being Epiphany it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations, separating lighting sets from the trees. I hate this job. It’s always cold and wet. This year it was just cold, finger-numbingly cold. By the time Mr D and I finished the outdoor lights we were both in need of a hot cup of tea.

As we sipped our teas, we planned the next stages of dechristmasification. Boo. I hate this bit too. The rooms look so bare to me. Mr D thinks they look more sophisticated. Bah humbug! I love the sparkly twinkliness of Christmas decorations.

Everything is now packed and stored, ready to come out again in 11 months time. Every year is the same, a massive rush to take everything down for some superstitious reasons. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I left them up? The most likely outcome is that I’d get sick of them before Valentines Day!

Wishing you all a super Saturday xx

Pop over to Linda G Hill’s for the full set of rules on joining in the January and Saturday prompt fun.

8 thoughts on “#SoCS and #JusJoJan – Twelfth Night Traditions”

  1. I met this girl and she said I could pick her up for a date and she told me what street she lived on. It was Summer and I said I need more that just the street to find your house and she told me that her house was the only one that still had the Christmas lights up.

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  2. I love twinkly sparklieness too! That’s why I often leave my Christmas decorations up until I feel like taking them down – one step at a time and avoid the shock of bareness. I usually have most of it down my MLK day, but there was a year or two I went into Valentines day. Nothing bad happened that I can remember. I’d definitely wait for nice weather to take down the outdoor decor. I’ve sometimes kept twinkly white lights in my kitchen year round.

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  3. Nice job with the prompt. Now you’re ready for whatever your next decorating job is.

    We used to have a cat who loved sleeping under the Christmas tree do much, that we bought a small live pond tree and left it out until spring. They never survived the transition to the outdoors but it was worth it.

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