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#JusJoJan 6th – Making the most of free time

Mr D, having been made redundant just before Christmas, (yes, modern day Scrooges still exist) is now splitting his free time between hunting for new employment opportunities and finding things to do around the house.

Cost Centre 1 is planning major work in her bedroom, namely to remove her built-in desk area in an alcove, replacing it with a reading nook and book shelves. She’s enlisted Mr D to help with the carpentry. Mr D is now practicing the art of biscuit jointing, a new skill to master in time to build the shelves.

Depending on how long Mr D is free, I might persuade him into redecorating our master bedroom. After all, I don’t want him getting too comfortable with his ‘between jobs’ time!

Today’s prompt comes from the lovely Linda in partnership with Sadje

3 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 6th – Making the most of free time”

  1. Excellent use of a willing and able-bodied Mr.! Mine stayed in that mode, never went back to the corporate world…he’s still handy and busier than ever as a landlord. It’s not easier work by any means. Good thing we’re both married to hard-working guys!

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