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#JusJoJan 8th – Note to self

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Dear Fortysomething year old self,

You may have been told by others, especially your mother, that taking time out to look after your wellbeing is a selfish act. You will be questioned about why you would choose to spend time and money on yourself, when you should be spending all of it on your family.

And as for looking after your mental health, they will question why would you ever need to do such a thing? You have everything you need (husband, children, home, job) so you should be happy with that. You have no good reason to feel anxious or depressed, “keep those negatives feelings to yourself” they will say, “otherwise you will be seen as weak, less than, not up to standard”.

Please trust me when I tell you, from your fiftysomething year old self, that all of that is rubbish, utter crap, designed to keep you in your place, under their sway. Why do you think airlines always tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others? Your family will benefit more from having you fit and healthy inside and out, than they could possibly lose, when you spend time taking as much loving care of you as you do of them.

You will find this hard to believe at the moment, but the mind-body connection is more powerful than you know. Your state of mind has the biggest effect on the health of your body and how it feels. So if you feel you need help with this, go with your gut and get help. It’s not being weak, it’s being tuned in and connected enough to know what you need.

One last thing, buy the red shoes and dress. You will look amazing in them.


Lots of love

Your future self xxx

Thank you Linda for hosting the January daily prompt and thanks to Ritu for today’s word, “self”.


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