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#JusJoJan 10th – Never the same twice!


“The biggest cliché in photography is sunrise and sunset.” – Catherine Opie.

How sad that two of nature’s most beautiful parts of the day should be reduced to photographic clichés, unoriginal and overused. Fortunately for me, I still get a real buzz out of them whenever I’m fortunate enough to witness either of them while armed with a camera (usually my phone!).

The image above was taken at sunrise, floating above the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon, looking back over the Nile to Luxor. Not a cliché in sight, in my opinion!

Happy Friday Eve everyone xx

Thanks to Linda G Hill for hosting JusJoJan and to Toortsie for supplying today’s word ‘sunrise’.


7 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 10th – Never the same twice!”

  1. Thank you for participating. This is a beautiful photo.
    We visitid Egypt once, years ago, for about ten days. We didn’t go as far as Luxir, Minya was the southern most that we went. We also went to the Red Sea.

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