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#JusJoJan 15th – plastered!

white concrete building
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Today’s prompt challenge from Linda and Kelli is the word Paris. Of course, Paris, France is the first thing that springs to mind, having visited three times. At the moment, I’m not sure I’d go anywhere near the city until things settle down. Such a shame. The last time I went, I took Cost Centre 1 for a weekend girls trip.

The weather was superb. My pedometer nearly collapsed under the strain. CC1 and I walked absolutely everywhere! As it was her birthday treat I let her decide our itinerary. Neither of us had factored in the distances and our poor feet were so tired and sore at the end of each day, it was all we could do to drag ourselves to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

So what about your post title Cath? Are you referring to the copious quantities of wine downed at the end of each day, resulting in a less-than-sober state?

Nope!Young man wearing a long arm plaster / fiberglass cast

The next thing that popped into my head was plaster of Paris, wrapped around Cost Centre 2’s arm, from shoulder to fingers, after a spectacular trip and fall in an empty paddling pool a few year ago. The blood-curdling scream from the back garden told me I’d see something horrible when I ran to rescue him. I wasn’t wrong. Hastily wrapping his odd-shaped arm in a bag of frozen peas, we made a dash for the nearest A and E unit. Several hours later, after a trip to theatre to reset the bones, he was discharged with a massive plaster on, not one of the light-weight ones, a lovely white plaster of paris one, ideal for his classmates to decorate!

Wishing you all a fun Tuesday xx


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