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#JusJoJan 17th – Mixing my measurements

shallow focus photography of green caterpillar on green leaf
Photo by Egor Kamelev on

It’s funny how I have very fixed ideas on units of measurements. I regularly mix imperial with metric. It just depends on what I’m measuring.

  • Babies birth weights are always in pounds and ounces but I use grams and kilos for cooking.
  • My running distances are in kilometers but travel by car is measured in miles
  • Planks of wood and fence posts are measured in feet and inches, especially fence posts. A hefty 3″ by 3″ for windy sites! However, if I need material for sewing, it will be metres and centimetres.

And as for the inchworm, the caterpillar of the geometer moth, I’m sure Danny Kaye’s song from the movie, Hans Christian Anderson, would not have sounded so well in metric…

“2.54cm worm, 2.54cm worm. Measuring the marigolds” It just doesn’t scan!

Happy Friday Eve everyone


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5 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 17th – Mixing my measurements”

  1. You eventually get to where, whatever units you’re using, you deal with it. But yeah, we can’t go totally metric. Grandma Holton used to say you’re going to eat a peck of dirt in your life, which sounds better than 8.8 liters.

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