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#JusJoJan 24th – Pup reaches Mach 2!

white airplane
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I love today’s prompt from Bee “zoomie”. As the permanently bewildered owner (and occassionally proud owner) of a two year old golden lab retriever, I am very familiar with the term zoomie.

It’s practically a daily occurence in our household to hear the words “Watch out. Pup’s got the zoomies again!” Everyone one reaches for anything breakable and gets out of the way. If I’m on hand just as I see a zoomie building, I’ll lob one of her toys out into the back garden, tempting her out of the house, thus saving wear and tear on the floors and my nerves.

The indoor zoomies usually leave a trail of distruction; spilt coffee, or broken mugs. Whereas the outdoor zoomies are a source of hillarity, as pup reaches unbelievable speeds, cornering like a fighter jet. Today’s zoomie will be fun – it’s freezing cold and icy. I wonder how much grip she’ll have?

Wishing you all a fab Friday Eve xx


Pop over to Linda G Hill’s site for all the info on taking part in JusJoJan.

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