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#JusJoJan 25th – steady!

What an interesting word balance is. It has numerous meanings.

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For instance, I practice yoga nearly every day, making sure to do some core strengthening and plenty of stretching to improve my ability to remain upright, balanced. Please note, the above image is not me!

money pink coins pig

And then there’s the scary thing to do at this point in January, when the last pay-day was so long ago – checking my bank balance. Boy has is taken a beating and today is no exception. My car is in for his annual service! I hope the bill doesn’t hit too hard.

These long dark nights and shorter days also take their toll on my equilibrium – I find it increasingly hard to remain calm, content and balanced, when anxiety wants to run amok. Just as well I have my trusty Headspace app to help me keep my mind on an even keel.

As it’s Friday (or FriYay! in my head) and it is Burns’ Night for all Scots, I will partake in dram of two of some special Malt Whiskies I have in stock. If I have two, I can hold one in each hand, thus maintaining balance (as long as I remain seated!!).

Wishing you all a fab Friday xx


Hurry on over to Linda G Hill, host of this daily challenge (as well as #One-liner Wednesday and #SoCS) for the low down on participation.

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