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#JusJoJan 27th – better out than in!

What a cool word we have as today’s prompt. I had to do a little dictionary check just to make sure I’d go a hold of the right end of the stick!

Keeping emotions buried inside is not a great idea if you’re looking to keep body, mind and soul healthy. Sometimes these stuck emotions need a helping hand to find their way out. If I need a good cathartic blub, but can’t seem to get going, I watch “Love Actually” as it’s guaranteed to get the old tears flowing. By the end of the movie I always feel much better, even if I do look a tad snotty and red-eyed.

Catharsis take other forms for me. Before the days of kerbside collections, I used to love taking empty bottles to the bottle bank, firing them at speed through the hole, to smash them into tiny pieces. Oooo! The sound of the smash and knowing I’d done it, was such a release for pent up anger. Now that the bottle banks are gone, I have to find other ways… plumping up cushions and pillows is fun. I get to punch it out and achieve something in the process.

Alternatively, I make bread. The kneading process helps me vent, and I get to eat some lovely homemade bread at the end.

My dictionary session also showed a medical meaning for cathartic, listing various substances used to achieve an ’emptying’. I prefer ripe figs or dried apricots instead of chemicals. At least you get to enjoy them going in.

And on that note, I’ll finish before things get too medically messy.

Have a fun Sunday xx

Today’s interesting word prompt, cathartic, is sponsored by Enthralling Journey and host by Linda.

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