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#SoCS – Wonderfully weird!

I love today’s SoCS prompt. There’s so much scope for the imagination. The title of my post is a description of me by one of my good friends. She could have used ‘lively’, ‘wrinkly’, although that would be a life-limiting move on her part, ‘giggly’ (especially after the second G and T), or ‘sparkly’. But no, she settled on wonderfully weird. And you know what, I’m actually very proud of that.

In the unlikely event of her feeling vindictive, she could have chosen from:

  • cuddly (in places)
  • matronly (with reference to the chest department!)
  • wobbly (see above)

… but never:

  • beastly ( unless I’m in a seriously bad mood)


  • cowardly (I am the spider whisperer in our house and will bravely capture any 8 legged invader and rehome them)

So what makes her think I’m weird? Could it be the large collection of crystals deployed to tackle various life issues? Or maybe it’s the variety of incense sticks and oracle cards on my desk? I think the final piece of evidence is the collection of Lord of the Rings replica weapons (Aragorn’s Ranger sword, Anduril, and Orcrist, a Dwarven Axe (Gimli’s) and the smaller knife, Sting) decoratively arranged on my office walls.

Yup… I think would do it!

Wishing you all a heavenly weekend.

Cath xx

Pop on over to Linda G Hill and say Hi while you’re there. This lovely lady is the custodian of all things #SoCS.

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