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One-liner Wednesday – Reasons to run

Now that my mojo has made a reappearance, normal activities have resumed, including running. As I turned for home, soaking wet (thank you unexpected rain cloud!) I mentally ticked off my reasons for taking part in all the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5Km events over the years.

  • Just to see if I could run any distance at all (previously, I would only run if chased by a wasp!)
  • In memory of elderly relatives who’d died of cancer
  • I get to dress up in bright pink and not look out of place
  • Celebrating a colleague’s continuing successful battle with the beast

This year will be very different. My place is booked again but the reason is much closer to heart, my poor mum! She’s just starting her treatment for cancer and it’s horrible little friends, the secondaries.

Oops! Not exactly one line, but hey, the rules are more guidelines really. Click here to read all about taking part in the mid-week madness.

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