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One-liner Wednesday – UFO spotted on pup walkies!

Pup: Sniff… sniff,sniff…sniffety-snif…yip! Bark!

Me: Whatcha found, Pup?

Pup: Barkety-bark bark!

Me: Oooo! What the heck is that? Not an otter, or a grey squirrel. We don’t have red squirrels here. Hmmm. What we have here, Pup, is an Unidentified Furry Object!

We walk on, all the while reducing the list of possibilities to a small Mustelid of some sort. Unable to narrow it down any further, I tell pup my findings.

Me: Pup, it’s a wee weasely-stoatie thingy!

In my defence, it moved too quickly for me to be certain! I’m not sure I can tell a weasel from a stoat, even if they stand still!

Happy Wednesday everyone xx

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9 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday – UFO spotted on pup walkies!”

  1. My dog does the same thing. I sometimes think he’s barking at the scents he smells from the wind that is carried into our yard from the surrounding counties. But, maybe it is UFO’s?! Happy Wednesday to you!

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      1. Oh, no! That’s unfortunate for all. Pup, no doubt, is protective. Sometimes that is cute, and like you’ve shared, sometimes it isn’t!


  2. Dogs find the most interesting things on our walks, don’t they? My dog and I surprised a weasel once while walking in the woods. She took off after it and I took off after her, but none of us caught our intended targets, which was probably a good thing.

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