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#SoCS – Lipsmackingthirstquenching…

Linda’s Saturday challenge is here and her word of choice is ‘lip’.

Unusually I’m wearing lippy today, a bright raspberry Bobbi Brown. It’s my go-to colour for parties and special occasions. However I’m in one of those carpe diem sorta moods so I put on a full face of makeup , including the luscious lippy. And the occasion? Dog walkies!

I needed a brisk walk to clear my head. So much has happened this week with Mum. I fear her health is deteriorating rapidly due to her lack of food intake. The doctors, nurses, and radiologists have spoken to her about the need to feed, but I see the look on her face and know she’s just giving it lip service! Gah! So infuriating!!!

However, a heavy duty gardening session after the dog walk has worked up quite a thirst so I’m off to get my lips round an ice-cold beer or two.

Cheers everyone xx

6 thoughts on “#SoCS – Lipsmackingthirstquenching…”

  1. So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she gets an appetite back soon. And I’m with Dan — no way I’m sharing this with our dogs! I’ve got very little game when it comes to dog walking as it is…


    1. Thank you Laura. I worry that if she doesn’t start eating, this will get her before the cancers do.
      I’m sure my pup had no idea I’d made the extra effort yesterday. She was more concerned with swimming in the canal and chasing birds.


  2. Wish there was some magic wand to help with your mom.
    Sometimes a touch of make-up will be just the thing to brighten one’s mood. I’m sure the puppy was happy to go walking. 🙂


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