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One-liner Wednesday – the look!

‘If my mouth doesn’t say it, my face sure as heck will!’

Picture the scene. It’s dance class night and our teachers have asked if we would like to revise last week’s Foxtrot.

My mouth, bypassing my brain, said ‘Sure, let’s give it a go’ but my brain had other ideas. With the mouth having already answered, my brain hastily rearranged my face in a definite ‘NO! Argh, scary dance with weird rhythm!’ sort of a look.

On seeing my face (I can’t speak for my class mates) they changed their minds and offered to teach us a new Tango instead.

Much better – a dance with a regular beat and rhythm.

My face rapidly shifted to ‘cheesy grin’ state, my body complied, and soon had the new tango nailed!

Happy Wednesday everyone xx

As you can see, the rules of ‘One-liner Wednesday are loosely adhered to. For the full run-down, click here.

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