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SoCS – no constraints!

I value the ‘me time’, I get when I’m running. There are no rules to follow, running without constraints. Great fun.

This probably explains why I run. Running gives me the freedom to do some subconscious work on any issue while getting fit. I have more ‘aha’ moments while running than sitting at my desk, forcing myself to solve a problem. Put on my running kit, get moving, and before long a lightbulb moment appears.

It also means I get to enjoy the morning birdsong as I bob along. As an added bonus, I have a sneaky peek into everyone’s gardens to see what’s growing well.

I do have rituals (not rules) for running. Warm up, hydrate, cool down and stretch, stretch, stretch. Followings them means I can train without muscle or tendon strains. And it buys me more ‘me time’.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend xx

Today’s SoCS comes to you courtesy of Linda’s prompt, “strain”.

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