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#SoCS – back to school!

‘Goodness me! What a great prompt, Linda.’


‘What’s an adverb? I know I know the answer. It’s just a tad buried in the ol’ brain’ I mutter, fairly perplexed.

‘I’ll google it. That’s not cheating. It’s researching!’ snuffing out an inner argument quickly, before it gets going.

‘Aha! Here we go…’

a word or phrase that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc. (e.g., gently, quite, then, there ).

‘Oh heck. There’s more than one type!’ I splutter loudly, much to Mr D’s surprise.

‘What are you wittering on about, Cath? he asks with a level of irritation.

‘Adverbs. Linda’s prompt is adverbs. I was just checking my understanding before I write.’ I reply. ‘There’s five types of the little grammatical blighters!’

‘You sound surprised, Cath.’ says Mr D, grinning broadly.

‘Okay, Mr Smarty Pants, enlighten me.’ This should be funny. Mr D is not known for his grasp of grammar and punctuation. He’s been known to write entire paragraphs using just one solitary comma.

‘Well, as far as I remember, adverbs describe stuff like how, when, where, how much and how often.’ he says, somewhat smugly.

‘Wow! How do you remember all that weird grammar stuff?’ I reply, clearly in awe of his knowledge.

‘I don’t. I just looked it up on Pinterest while you were busy having a small meltdown. There’s loads of cheat sheets on practically every grammatical thingy you can think of.’ he says, waving his iPad victoriously at me.

‘Every day’s a school day.’ I reply in gracious defeat.

‘More so with you around, Cath!’ he says, swiftly ducking out of my reach.

Should I let him have the last word? Yes. It does him good to surprise me occasionally.


Today’s weekend nonsense was prompted by Linda G Hill and the word ‘adverb’.

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