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#SoCS – When tomorrow comes…

Following Linda’s instructions, I reached for the nearest book, flicked the pages and landed on the right-hand page; a large lilac circle containing the words ‘Is what you are doing today getting you where you want to be tomorrow?’ -Daily Greatness Yoga Journal.

Hmm…. good question. It depends on where I want to be and how soon tomorrow is.

So if tomorrow means in the next 24 hours, then yes, I am doing all the chores today so that I can go to a jousting event tomorrow., as you do, if you’re me and enjoy that sort of thing.

If tomorrow is a bit further into the future by about 5 years, then the answer is no. Doing chores today is not filling up my pension pot to allow me to retire and move to the coast. Seriously, it can’t come soon enough. I’m running out of enthusiasm for my paid job.

In the meantime, I can dream of coastal cottages, a small boat, and a new garden to tame.

Wishing you all a fun+filled weekend xx.

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