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SoCS – A matter of perspective

In order to stand the best chance of a day full of positivity I try to remember to frame my day before I get up with some gratitude and affirmations. I sometimes find myself thanking my bed and pillows for a good sleep! I thank my house for keeping me safe and cosy. I try to be as creative as I can with my gratitude list.

Then I start on how I’d like my day to go. Where grammatically possible I use the present tense otherwise the affirmation will remain in the future. For example, ‘I am full of health and vitality’ means I move through the day in this frame of mind. If I said ‘I will be full of health and vitality’ then I imply that I am not in that state yet. It’s a subtle but important difference.

And how long does all this mindfulness take? No more than a few minutes… long enough for me to yawn and stretch my way into a vertical state, ready to tackle the day.

Of course some days just do not go how I think they will. The trick with these type of days is to not get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity. Stop, reframe, and move on. Reframing (for me) is more along the lines of ‘Even though x,y,or z has happened, I am … (insert something positive here).

So there you go, my response to Linda’s prompt word “frame”.

4 thoughts on “SoCS – A matter of perspective”

  1. That’s a good technique. I try to stay positive during the day. It’s hard sometimes, since I’m still working, but I do try to leave the worst behind and look toward something better.

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