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#One-liner Wednesday – smells delicious

The UK is currently basking/sweltering/melting (choose whichever seems most appropriate) in a heatwave. The mercury tipped 33.5 °C in my neck of the woods. Of course this will only lead to one thing on our small island – summer thunderstorms!

Around 3am the heavens opened but no thunder, only lightening! An almost silent storm (apart from the rain battering down on the conservatory roof). It hasn’t freshened the sticky feeling but it did leave an amazing smell behind.

With the temperature set to rocket again today I decided to do my training run as early as possible. Lucky me. All I could smell was warm wet earth. It’s a delicious smell, full of the promise of a plentiful harvest in due course. I’d love to bottle it and keep it for use during the long dark winter nights, when summer seems to be nothing but a warm, pleasant memory.

Oops! This is not exactly one-liner, but then again, neither is Linda’s post. Click here for her advice on joining in the mid-week fun.

Cath xx


6 thoughts on “#One-liner Wednesday – smells delicious”

  1. I have had to get out early for my morning runs too. Our temperatures have been topping 100 degrees every day (37.7 degrees C) and the humidity is off the charts. I love to sweat, but I am ready for a cool front to move through.

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  2. You have my utmost sympathies — the southern US is always a sweatbox but at least most of us have air conditioning. My best advice is ice cream. Lots of ice cream. 😉

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    1. Ice cream sounds like a great move to me… checked the freezer and wouldn’t you know it… the kids (free-range adults) have eaten the lot but the packaging is still there!!!


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